School Enrichment

School Enrichment Program-Grades Kg-8th

Sisters of Hope during and after school enrichment program, Girl Power & Fashion Fun  carefully integrates core academic subjects, (such as math, writing, history, and culture), and important social values, (such as confidence, cooperation, sustainability, and self-worth), with etiquette concepts and artistic education (being unique through creativity).

Girl Power & Fashion Fun is the ideal way for schools and other organizations to create enthusiasm for the empowerment classroom.  Our inter-disciplinary and hands-on classes are fun, fashionable, and motivating!

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In addition to Girl Power & Fashion Fun, we also offer Featured Workshops, Fashion Model Class Series, and School Fashion Camps throughout the year hosted at our summer camp locations.  An example of these include our popular “Bold Confident Girls Workshop”.

How it works:

Sisters of Hope partners with local schools and organizations, including private schools, public school districts, community centers, and religious programs throughout St. Louis, MO. We provide all supplies, tools, and materials, allowing girls to mix math, writing, history, culture and style  in a “classroom” almost anywhere. Our flexible pricing is comparable to other enrichment classes offered at your school.  Typically our programs run 8– 12 weeks, but we also work with schools to offer special year-long courses as well as one-day workshops.

What We Teach:

Our holistic curriculum incorporates math, writing, culture, language, reading comprehension, and speech. This program is designed to empower girls to become confident effective communicators. Whether shy or expressive, experienced or inexperienced, this program can provide a unique, safe, and fun learning environment in which girls can practice and enhance their communication and leadership skills. Girls are encouraged to express themselves through dance, fashion expression and modeling workshops. Our program includes a combination of

  • Enrichment activities
  • Educational curriculum
  • Etiquette skills

Girls also may have the opportunity to participate in organized fashion shows each semester.

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