How to start a Non profit Business?

 1.    First you need a name, mission and vision:

Before you do anything, you need a business name, mission and vision. This is the foundation of starting any type of business. When deciding on a name for your business, start brainstorming ideas. Write down names that may come to mind.

2.    Set a day once a month to host a workshop, topic discussion or some type of activity to bring youth together for mentoring:

Decide what would be a convenient day for you and a volunteer to host an activity or event that helps fulfill your mission.  Think about your potential clients and think about what works best for your schedule.

3.    Find a convenient location to meet with youth.

There are several locations to host your mentoring program. Most libraries have free meeting rooms for community groups and nonprofit organizations.

4.    Start telling all your family, friends and co-workers.

When starting any business, the people who support you and are the ones who are closest to you, they should be the first individuals who know about your organization.  Word of mouth is the best marketing tools when starting your business.

5.    Order your marketing material to spread the word.

Another great and low cost marketing tool is creating flyers and business cards to spread the word. This is an even greater way of getting others to find out about your organization. Your marketing material should reflect your business brand. Your name, logo, programs and contact information should be listed on the advertisement.

6.    Make a commitment to consistently offer programming monthly.

It’s vital that you are consistent and your programs are reliable. As a leader of your organization it will be your responsibility to display commitment and sustainability.

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