What is Sisters of Hope? Sisters of Hope is a 501(c)(3) faith-based nonprofit organization that provides prevention and empowerment programs to girls and women. Our programs are offered in community centers, schools, other nonprofit organizations and churches. We have enrichment programs, workshops and seminars that serve girls ages 5-18 and women of all ages. We promote female confidence, courage, educational and personal development.


What makes Sisters of Hope difference from any other fashion, dance or art school? Sisters of Hope fashion, dance and art lessons are secondary to the enrichment life changing lessons that motivate girls to be future leaders and bold confident young ladies. We combine life skill enrichment lessons with fun activities girls enjoy like fashion modeling, acting, dancing and making art. We promote anti-bullying and teach girls how to make positive decisions while motivating them to pursue their goals.


How can I bring Sisters of Hope to my school in the St. Louis, MO area? On our website go to Programs and click Start a Site. There you will find detailed information on how to start Sisters of Hope at your school, YMCA, community center, or church.


How can I start a nonprofit like Sisters of Hope to bring to my community in a difference state or country? Great news! We’ve created products and programs to help you start your own business mentoring girls. Please click Start Nonprofit and we will provide step by step resources to help you in the journey of empowering women and girls in your community!


How much does the fashion camp program cost? The actual expense for Sisters of Hope as an organization is $120 per girl for one a full program. However, because we offer various programs and serve a large territory with a diverse population and we want our program price to be affordable to all families, schools and organizations; we offer school-based fees on a sliding scale so that the program is more affordable to more girls.


Do you offer financial aid or scholarships? Families who are unable to pay the program registration fees will be awarded financial assistance based on their income. Please know that we request all scholarship recipients to pay a portion of the program fee, however nominal that may be, so there is buy-in and ownership, which helps with attendance and engagement. Proof of income is required, which should be emailed to admin@sistersofhope.org or mailed to the Sisters of Hope office. Financial_Assistance


What do I get for the cost? 

It depends on the program and session. For Example; a 10 week session at full price will allow each girl to receive:

  • 10 week lessons (1 hour)
  • 2 Trained Site Leaders
  • An official Sisters of Hope program T-shirt
  • A Sisters of Hope drawstring bag
  • Participation in the Fashion Show or Expo


How does Sisters of Hope empower women? Sisters of Hope Women’s Empowerment Program is designed to build and support women, by providing leadership and mentorship guidance. Women are encouraged to become leaders of youth by providing positive guidance and direction to the next generation. We empower women to seek out their passions and divine purpose for living through social and networking events, consulting services and resources to support women entrepreneurs.