About Us

Girl Empowerment

We’re here to inspire all girls…

Our passion is to empower girls to reach their goals and avoid negative behaviors also to inspire women to become mentors and leaders of social enterprises! We strive to reach the world! We want to help women and girls of every nation, country, state and city. We’re here to inspire and encourage women and girls to live the life they were meant to live. To see themselves victorious, and do everything in their power to believe that they can become who they were created to be.

We enhance the mind, spirit and body…

Our programs, events and resources enhance the mind, spirit and body; supporting women and girls to build life skills, spirituality, character, confidence, health and fitness, motivation through social, educational and professional development.

We value;

  • Creating and offering quality effective programs
  • Serving others with love and patience
  • Working in honor and integrity
  • Striving to be the best that we are capable of being

We are now reaching the world…

For several years now, Sisters of Hope has been providing inspiration and motivation to girls and women in the Saint Louis, Missouri communities. In January of 2013 Sisters of Hope began creating programs and products to reach women and girls all over the world!

Women Empowerment

Sisters of Hope Women’s Empowerment Program is designed to build and support women, by providing leadership and mentorship guidance. Women are encouraged to become leaders of youth by providing positive guidance and direction to the next generation. We empower women to seek out their passions and divine purpose for living.  Women are encouraged to pursue their desires, dreams and goals through confidence and courage.

We Develop Women Leaders

We provide women with resources, coaching and consulting to become leaders and entrepreneurs of our community. We provide resources to help women mentor our youth. Our E-books and Special Event Kits can be downloaded online! We help women start mentoring programs and non profit organizations. Click on your our resources below for more information!

Download Today!


 Fashion Show Kit In-A-Box

Fashion Show Kit in-a-box will help you complete a variety of activities involved in hosting your own fashion show. You will get ideas on how to create, design and draft your own unique event.

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Expo Kit In-A-Box

Expo Kit in-a-box is a total fourteen complete PDF documents that Sisters of Hope used in our very own Bold Confident Women & Girls Expo! This kit will help you raise funds to grow to organization and expand your mission!

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Start Your Dream Organization-E-book

“Secrets to Start Your Mentoring Organization for Girls Revealed! Now You Too Can Learn Exactly How To Start A Nonprofit Mentoring Girls, Start your business, create programs and Always make a difference!“ Learn More Here > 

Our Programs Create Rewarding Futures!

National research has shown that girls exposed to our empowerment curriculum are communicating more with adults, have improved body image and more confidence, high satisfaction rates and highest program completion rates. These are significant outcomes of the “Circles Across Sonoma” Title II Gender-responsive Program, 2007-2010, evaluated by Ceres Policy Research.

Improvement for girls in four long-term outcomes:

  • A decrease in self-harming behavior.
  • A decrease in rates of alcohol use¹.
  • An increase in attachment to school.
  • An increase in self-efficacy.